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ScarWork (Fascia Body Treatment)

ScarWork is the original work of Sharon Wheeler. Scar tissue quality can change quickly and easily. Scars can cause tightening around organs, joints and other structures which can lead to limited range of movement and pain.

The body adapts around an injury or scarring and can lead to misalignment and imbalances within the whole body system. This in turn can cause internal tissue torsion and distortion. 

Scar tissue can affect all depths of fascia from superficial fascia to the deeper levels and the adhesions can have a body wide effect.  The strength of the adhesions/scars means the joints organs, bone alignment can all be affected. 

With ScarWork, scars and adhesions can be softened and reintegrated into the fascial web, which improves integrity of the fascia, improves alignment and reduce pain and discomfort.

Working on new scars seems to speed the healing for a little while right after the work. Even with older scares, ScarWork can promote a period of rapid healing and further improvement right after the work. Improvements tend to be permanent and progressive towards better integration and function.

What is involved in a ScarWork treatment?

A consultation is required at your first treatment; this ensures ScarWork is right for you. Typically, a ScarWork treatment is concentrated on specific scars on the body.  The therapist used their thumbs and fingertips lightly on and around the scar, sometimes they will use their hands and go a little deeper into the tissues surrounding the scar.  

Most people find there is usually no discomfort and pain during a ScarWork treatment, but it is important to tell the therapist if you experience any pain or discomfort. Every treatment is tailored to the recipient's needs and towels are used to ensure your modesty. No oils or creams are used during this treatment.

Note: we do not work on any scar that is weeping, open, infected or red and inflamed. It's never to late to work on a scar but we don't work on brand new scars. i.e. wait at least 6 weeks or your surgeon or doctor has discharged you.

ScarWork is not like a typical massage, as we will have worked the Scar using specific techniques during the treatment, your body will contiune to react and 'heal' the tissues. As a result, we allow a minimum of 3 weeks between appointments, unless a shorter treatment is given for any reasons.

Price:    For a 1 hour treatment of ScarWork £50.00  

Note: Deep tissue massage is not a substitute for medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic system. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.


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