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Nico Pauly of MNT-NR International demonstrates a combination of Nerve Reflexology on the foot with Manual Neurotherapy techniques
We are delighted to have Dr Carol Samuel bring The FULL NERVE REFLEXOLOGY DIPLOMA TRAINING to Newry, N. Ireland at Airmid Therapies.
'Nerve Reflexology Diploma'
This programme was developed to help improve the knowledge base of reflexology practitioners who want to work clinically with clients who require support in managing their pain.  It merges Carol's own research evidence, culminating in the world's first and only PhD in reflexology and pain management, and her work with MNT-NR International in Nerve Reflexology. 

Nerve Reflexology originated in Germany through the work of Walter and Ellen Froneberg, but has been further developed by the team of professionals at MNT-NR International including Nico Pauly, Griet Rondel and Norbert Gosh.

The Nerve Reflexology Diploma encompasses three modules. Each module encompasses a combination of both theory and practical elements and can be taken either as stand-alone workshops or as part of the full diploma.  Nerve Reflexology is an advanced reflexology training that uses a very precise pressure application and direction on the foot bones to affect the physiology of the nervous system. 

If you are unsure as to whether the full diploma is something to which you wish to commit, you are advised to undertake the two-day workshop on 'Pain Management - An introduction to Nerve Reflexology'. 

When each of the three modules have been completed there will be a practical exam, a theory exam and case study requirements.  On successful completion of ALL elements of the Nerve Reflexology programme you will be awarded a 'Certificate of Competence' to practice and can register as a 'Qualified Nerve Reflexologist'.

Given your consent, your details will be made available to members of the public via this website and they will be reassured that you hold the highest level of training available on this subject.
Module 1: 3 days of 6 hours - Total 18 hours (9th-11th March 2019)
Nerve, muscle and organ chains in lumbar and chronic pelvic pain
Chronic lumbar and pelvic pain remains one of the great challenges of our time.  Module 1 introduces you to a specialized approach using both the theory and practice of 'Nerve Reflexology' (NR).  Particular attention is given to the abdominal-pelvic region with precise details of nerve, muscle and organ chains.  Participants will learn how to balance the three chains in innervation and function.

Module 2: 3 days of 6 hours - Total 18 hours (8th-10th June 2019)
Nerve, muscle and organ chains in cervical, thoracic, shoulder and arm pain
In-depth exploration of the nerve, muscle and organs chains of the upper diaphragm and how you can balance these areas.  This module will also start the exploration of pain physiology.

Module 3:  3 days of 6 hours - Total 18 hours (12th-14th Ocrober 2019)
Central pain mechanism and the total NR treatment concept
In this final module discovery of the central nervous system pain processes and treatment with NR techniques is explored.  Much of the attention is placed on the interaction between passive treatment and active cooperation of the client in pain coping strategies.  Chronic pain is a pathology where different body regions, the central nervous system and emotions are involved and participants will learn to view chronic pain using an holistic approach and a total integrative treatment plan.

What are the pre-requisites of this training?
Whilst the theory of the nervous system and functionality of individual nerves is taught during your training, you should hold a professional qualification in Anatomy and Physiology either as a stand-alone certificate or as part of your reflexology training. 

This training is for Reflexologists trained at Level 3 or higher.  However, nerve reflex points can be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as body work, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy, so ANY practitioner with an interest in combining these techniques into their current repertoire may also apply to undertake this training. 

Course dates, venues and fees for 2019 here:  Course dates/Venues

Nerve Reflexology is not a medical therapy but may help restore or recover dysfunction in the movement, organ and nervous systems through good clinical practice.
Dysfunction is understood as an "impairment" which is in contrast to “diseases” which may involve serious changes in the tissues and whose treatment is the exclusive domain of medical doctors.
Whilst diseases may also involve dysfunction, it is suggested that collaboration between the medical team and NR therapist may offer additional support. 


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"Thank you so much for all my sessions with you, massage definitely helped with my back pain during pregnancy and the reflexology helped me to relax. The pregnancy massage was definitely what I need..."
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G. O'Connor - Newry


"Thank you so much for all my sessions with you, massage definitely helped with my back pain during pregnancy and the reflexology helped me to relax. The pregnancy massage was definitely what I needed, relaxed every part of me and obviously the baby too! Felt really comfortable and you made sure I was at ease and explained everything you were doing and why it would help me and the baby! You are so professional and friendly and helped me to de-stress coming up to the later stages of pregnancy. Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for reflexology or massage, especially pregancy mas..."
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G. O'Connor - Newry